Cashier’s urging leads Maryland woman to a third major lottery prize

A Maryland woman who previously won two $10,000 lottery prizes said a cashier’s urging led her to try a scratch-off ticket that earned her a $100,000 jackpot.

The 34-year-old Brandywine woman told Maryland Lottery officials she was at Waldorf Liquors on Crain Highway in Charles County when the cashier called her attention to the new Blizzard Bucks scratch-off ticket.

“I honestly had no intention of playing,” the woman said. “The cashier there at Waldorf Liquors pointed out this new ticket and the urge hit me.”

The player immediately scratched the ticket off, revealing a $15 prize. She decided to use $10 of her winnings to buy a second ticket, which earned her the $100,000 jackpot.

“When I saw the $100,000, I couldn’t believe it. I stayed calm, but all I was thinking was ‘Oh, my God,'” the winner recalled.

The woman, who said she previously won two $10,000 prizes from Pick 4 drawings, said she went out to the parking lot to tell her husband.

“My husband was waiting in the car. He thought I’d gone crazy,” she recalled.

The winner said the jackpot will go toward purchasing a new car and saving for her children’s education fund.