Stuck swan rescued from pipe on the side of college building

Firefighters were summoned to a college in England to rescue a swam that was found stuck in a narrow drainpipe near the roof of a building.

St. John’s College in Cambridge posted a video to YouTube showing the rescue by an RSPCA animal rescuer and Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue personnel.

Steve Poppitt, head porter at the college, said the swan was spotted stuck in the pipe on the side of the Old Library at the school.

“The trapped cygnet was given time to see if it would be able to free itself but when it became clear that it was not able to get out, we contacted the RSPCA and an animal rescue officer arrived on scene on Friday afternoon with the fire service,” Poppitt said in the YouTube post.

The fire crew climbed to the roof and used a “swan bag” provided by the RSPCA officer to lower the bird safely to the ground.

The uninjured swan was released into the River Cam.