Carpet python on the loose in Houston neighborhood

Residents of a Houston neighborhood said they are keeping watch for a large snake caught on camera wandering the area.

The snake was photographed last week climbing on the side of a Briar Forest Drive townhome, and hasn’t been seen since.

Resident Clayton Lee said the West Belt Townhomes board warned residents of the serpent’s presence.

“I was told they came out, they searched for the snake, were unsuccessful in finding the snake then put snake repellent on the 15 units that were closest to where it was spotted a few nights,” Lee told KHOU-TV.

Connie Vernon of the West Belt Townhomes management company, said steps are being taken to locate the snake.

“A wildlife removal company will be on the property tomorrow to try to locate and remove the snake. Every effort is being made to humanly relocate the snake to a more favorable living environment,” Vernon told KPRC-TV.

Nic Louie, the owner of Houston Underground Animals, said the snake in the photo is a non-native carpet python.

“This is definitely a pet snake someone either lost or released,” Louie said.